Soul Happy Play Fest 2020

28 March 2020, 11.30am-6pm

“Why are there playgrounds and play dates for children, but none for adults?” 

That’s the question which got us thinking, and from which the idea for Soul Happy Play Fest 2020 was born.

With Soul Happy People’s ideology of learning through play, we’ve created unique and fun experiences which will inspire adults to rediscover the recipe for happiness through our 3 vital ingredients – Play, Arts, and Laughter.

As a Play Festival ‘buddy,’ you’ll be encouraged to explore different creative play and join in activities and workshops aimed at stimulating creativity, interactions and conversations.  Throughout the day, you’ll gain new insights and perspectives, all designed to bring out that childlike playfulness so often lost in the adult world.

Our aim at Soul Happy Play Fest 2020 is to create a fun, inspiring and educational day for our Soul Happy buddies; to boost emotional wellbeing, and make the science and art of happiness experiential and inclusive for all.

Soul Happy Play Fest 2020 is happening on 28 March so sign-up to become a Play Fest buddy and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news surrounding this new and exciting event!


  • 11:30am

    Registration + Buffet Lunch + Explore Marketplace

    (Come early so you have more time to know other soul happy buddies!)

  • 12:30pm

    Opening Speech

  • 12:45 – 2:00pm

    Experiential Talk

    Let’s connect with Play!

    (recommended for parents)

  • 1 – 4pm

    Main Hall

    Play Workshop

    Emotions Run Wild Card Game - facilitated by Jones

    Art Workshop

    Stamping Fun - Craft Atelier

    Soul Happy Bookmark - The Art People

    Self-exploration through the exhibition

    Hush and Rest

    Yoga Nidra Meditation - facilitated by Youmin

  • 2 - 4pm


    Popcorn + Ice cream Time!

    Classic Games (with a twist!)

    Life-sized Jenga or Snake & Ladder 

  • 410 - 455pm

    Let's watch a Puppet Theatre Performance by Jalan Rambutan

  • 5pm

    Lucky Draw

  • 5:30pm

    Closing with a Bang!

Play Fest Facilitators


Play Therapist


Chief Emotions Officer


Yoga Nidra Facilitator

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Play Therapist


Chief Emotions Officer

Why Play?

Our mission at Soul Happy People is to inspire adults to use play in a way which opens up new possibilities just waiting to be explored. Through discussion, inspiration and creativity, we want to show and encourage you to bring that essential fun element back into everything you do!

Exploring Play, Creativity & the Arts

Play is more than an activity; 

it is a way to add joy to the things we do.


Play can be found anywhere and everywhere.  Experience it through a creative space, a series of fun activities, or through talking and sharing experiences and ideas.  

When adults play, they are given the opportunity to experiment; to push boundaries, to take control of their own learning, and harness the essential elements that make them happy  – the possibilities are endless!

Play ignites imagination, fires up innovation, and boosts confidence – all things which improve critical thinking and help us in our professional and personal lives and relationships.  When we are given the opportunity to play in a creative and non judgemental space, it breaks down the boundaries of inhibition, harnessing the playful and curious child within. Play is not about the end result; there are no score cards to hold you back because it’s the process that counts – so be open and unrestrained in your creativity knowing it’s ok to laugh at your own ponderings and creations!    

“Play…fires up the cerebellum, puts a lot of impulses into the frontal lobe…helps contextual memory be developed…and it is hugely important in learning and crafting the brain. So it is not just something you do in your spare time.” – Dr Stuart Brown, researcher and founder of California-based National Institute for Play.  

Play Nurtures Soft Skills.

During play, we are active participants.  Play provides an invitation to become engaged and unlock the creative potential required in life to help nurture the skills necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration are all vital skills in the adult world. Play invites adults to develop adaptability, the ability to problem-solve, and the resilience required when faced with the fear of failure.

Creativity is intelligence having fun!

Play is all around us. In fact, everything we do is linked to arts and creativity. We all know how to appreciate beautiful, artistic creation – be it through visual art, drama, dance, music or literature.  Through play, we learn to imagine, innovate, create, and most importantly, have fun doing so.

Get Set,


Play Workshop (1-4pm)

Emotions Run Wild

A fun and simple interactive card game that generates non-stop laughter and silliness during the game play. It arouses the expression of different types of emotions that are triggered by various common daily life situations.
Come and play with us and have an experience of letting your emotions run wild!


Art Workshop (1-4pm)

Stamping Fun

Stamp up a ton of fun with colourful inks and fun images. Create stunning OOAK greeting cards in minutes! Choose from a variety of greetings to customize your cards or choose to make an all occasion card.


Soul Happy Bookmark

Did you collect bookmarks when you’re a child? We bet you did!

At Soul Happy Play Fest, you can create your own Happy bookmark with popsicle sticks! Choose your washi tape design, plan your drawing and start creating! You can even create one with your favourite quote. Let your imagination run wild; there’s many ways you can create one  🙂

Classic Games With A Twist (2-4pm)

Mega Jenga

A classic game upsized! In our variation of Mega Jenga, Play Fest buddies will take turns in removing a piece from the tower structure and adding it to the top without letting the tower crumble. Each piece of Jenga block will have a hidden task for extra points!  

Life-sized Snakes & Ladders

Playing a life-sized version of Snakes and Ladders – with an added inspirational twist!   In our own fun and innovative version of Snakes and Ladders, landing on a tile will uncover a question or task designed to give you the opportunity to ponder meaningful quotes, share aspirational experiences and stories.     All our questions are tailored with the objective of helping you to reconnect, reflect, and most importantly, rediscover happiness!  

Hush & Rest (1-4pm)

Yoga Nidra Meditation

“Happiness blooms from within.”

A space for respite, a space for quiet, a space for you to bloom from within. Yoga nidra, also known as conscious sleep meditation, is a deeply relaxing and restoring guided practice that eases you away from the noisome world and enter into your wholesome world. There are no yoga poses to do, except to sit back and relax. Take a break and hush – you are enough.

Puppet Theatre Performance by Jalan Rambutan (410-455pm)



‘When life throws you lemons, you can make a million more amazing things besides lemonade!’ Loosely inspired by the famous Street of Sesame, Jalan Rambutan explores the lives of puppet characters making the best out of their day, no matter what challenges come their way. The twist: the puppeteers are improvisers, so they don’t have any scripts! Instead, the performers will create their characters and stories on the spot with the help of the audience. So jump in and take part in creating an adventurous story with the friendly folks of Jalan Rambutan!


Jalan Rambutan is a local improv team that specialises in improvisational puppet theatre. Mirroring Sesame Street, the content is family-friendly. Let’s have fun and enjoy the Play!


Self Exploration Through Exhibition (all day)

I-Opener (an exhibition by Playeum) invites our Soul Happy buddies to explore their senses through play and the arts, through the aesthetic and sensory play-worlds inspired by the artistic designs and creations of four artists with a disability; Dr Dawn-joy Leong, Cavan Chang, Sol Pickens and Jo Devadason. 


Find out more about the different spaces below:


Cavan Scope

by Cavan Chang

Cavan Chang is an artist with Down syndrome. His Cavan Scope is an invitation for his audiences to enter his colourful world, and create a multitude of new collages by playing with his artworks. Cavan Scope also extends with The Eye Track Painter that invites you to traverse visually and explore the mysteries of sight and illusion through eye-tracking.



by Sol Pickens

SOLScape is inspired by the two-dimensional artwork of Sol Pickens, a young boy with autism. He makes his drawings come to life and transforms them into three-dimensional structures. In this space, you are invited to transfer two-dimensional works into three-dimensional playscapes.



by Jo Devadason

Jo Devadason is a poet with Down Syndrome and the voice behind Poetree, that can be found around the space. From an early age, she developed a love for books, imaginary play and self-expression. Her poetry and wordplay gives voice to her views and perceptions of the exhibition.


You can further explore the following technological inventions and play areas created and designed by Din Chan, Imran Mohamad and Dr. Esther Joosa:

A Journey To Self Discovery

15-27 March 2020

Soul Happy Journey

Jump aboard and join the Soul Happy Journey from 15-27 March, where, as a Soul Happy buddy, you get to explore various creative activities here in Singapore, as well as collect stamps for each completed activity in your Soul Happy ‘passport.’  Buddies who complete all the activities can redeem a bonus prize experience at a later date.  

Soul Happy Journey has been exclusively curated to help adults reconnect with their inner child and rekindle the key to happiness. Put your expectations and preconceptions aside and allow yourself to go on a journey of spontaneous self-discovery, to awaken your curiosity, and to rediscover the excitement that meeting new people, learning new things and creating new memories brings.

Fun Fact: New habits, experiences, practice, and any kind of learning causes neural pathways to rearrange and change, and it’s a great way to replace stagnant old thoughts with empowering new ones! 

So, if you feel your daily life has become mundane or routine and lacks that vital ‘spark,’ or if you want to find a way to bring joy back into your life, go out and explore! Try something new to stimulate your senses, meet new people, gain new insights and broaden your horizons – the possibilities are endless!


Let us help you kick-start your own Soul Happy Journey by creating new experiences with new friends.

Activities that you will get to experience include:

  • Playing With Paints – create your own masterpiece.
  • Spinning Wheel Pottery – experience the joy of making pottery.
  • Weave A Dreamcatcher – create your own dreamcatcher.
  • Soul Crafting – explore a new and therapeutic world in woodworking and enjoy the process of creating.
  • Forest Bathing – go on a journey to connect with nature and replenish the soul.

When you sign-up to the Soul Happy Journey, you’ll receive an e-booklet through the mail (check your inbox!). Inside the booklet you will find all the information, dates, timings and how to book your place. You will receive your Soul Happy Passport after you finish your first activity, please bring it along with you to collect your Soul Happy stamps.

Your ticket entitles you to enjoy exclusive access to all activities listed in the Soul Happy Journey.

When you’ve collected all the stamps, snap a picture, tag us on social media, and you will get to redeem a Starter Package from Splat Paint House (to be used 1 April – 30 June 2020).  

You can go on the Journey on your own, bring a play-date, or gift it to a friend to start them on their Soul Happy Journey! 

Organized By

Our Partners

Venue: Playeum

Let’s Connect with Play!

Learn how to connect and build a positive relationship with others through play. We will be exploring with several types of play.

You will takeaway simple and practical play techniques to connect or reconnect with your children, spouse, family, friends or co-workers.



Get Set,